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Welcome: Why Utter, you ask?
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Utter Voiceovers

Utter Voiceovers strives to bring e learning, corporate narration programs, audio dramas and commercials to life with energy and authority, so that the listener is both informed and engaged in the process. Every audience of one – or many – will walk away utterly delighted!”

Kerri has a history of moving her audiences through comprehension into a new reality that they can draw upon in their daily lives. As a professor at major universities, a marketing consultant, and as a voice actor, she has a knack for getting and holding her listeners' attention. Your voiceover projects will be done right with Kerri at the microphone because she brings so much more than a seasoned, textured voice to the read. She comes from both a corporate and training background, so there is a richness to her approach to the material that you won't find in most voice actors.

Kerri Acheson, Ph.D.
Knowledgeable   Seasoned   Textured

Meet Kerri

I have always said that my career can be summed up by a Steve Martin quote: "And I get paid for doing this!"


Throughout my career, I have been very lucky to be doing what I love . . .


  • Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism

  • The University of Southern California

  • The Peter F. Drucker Center for Executive Management

  • Minnesota State Universities, Moorhead and St. Cloud

  • California State University, San Bernardino


  • ITW: Irathane, Magnaflux, Safe Zone/Ram, SIMCO      

  • Wartsilia of Finland           

  • Leonard of Paris     

  • Dayton's Columbia Mall grand opening events and PR    

  • Easy Rider Air Hitches (Owner)

  • Immix Marketing (Owner)

  • Many different products and services: test marketed a 1 ½ gallon toilet to conserve water in California - represented a couture fashion designer in a high end consumer products show in Bel Aire, getting him on local LA talk shows – market research and PR for shopping malls (CA & ND) – strategic marketing planning for introduction of highway construction equipment – named a new product line of plumbing fixtures – owned an air ride trailer hitch company.

  • Services provided by Immix Marketing: market research, strategic marketing and PR planning, grand opening events, consumer events, new product development, website design, advertising copywriting and design, PR event in Holllywood for Fred Joillier in Beverly Hills, and more.


  • AT&T    

  • ABC Agricultural Publishing Group

  • The Ford Motor Company 

  • and more.


  • Optum Serve Explainer Video

  • OrthoSleeve - many online ads (link to one example:

  • Video Documentary on Trade in Ancient Civilizations - IMDb credit

  • Script writing for voiceover YouTube intro for photography program

  • YouTube video: Abandoned: A World Ruled by Anger

  • Puppet characters: a very religious cow, two dogs with arthritis

  • American Female Voiceover Artist

  • Narration

  • Corporate training

  • E Learning modules heard around the world

  • Explainer audios

  • Announcements

  • Documentaries


  • Ph.D. in Marketing and Corporate Communications from the University of Southern California

  • M.S. Business Education from Utah State University

  • B.S. Ed. Fashion from the University of North Dakota

  • Demo coaching and production with David Goldberg, CEO of Edge Studio, in New York.

  • Coaching with Marc Cashman, Cashman Commercials.

  • Edge Studio webinars on Marketing, Home Studio, Auditions, Vocal Health, Business & Money, Mastering Audacity, Technique, Script Feedback, Using Casting Sites, What Now?, and Audio Drama Showcase.

  • Edge Studio Ongoing Sessions: Peer-led Workouts, Instructor-led Workouts, Audition Tips, Career Guidance with David Goldberg. Twice/week.

  • UVT Coaching workshops and assistance with Website Design, Performance, Marketing and Studio Set Up, with Terry Daniel, Shaun Beckett, Trish Basanyi, Jan Anderson and more.

  • Workshop with Liz Atherton, Cast Voices, on Commercial Voiceover Auditions. Live feedback.

  • VO Vantage Facebook Group with Trish Basanyi. 20 sessions on a variety of topics. Weekly strategy calls and Happy Hours.

  • Training Magazine Network webinars on AI Voices (2) and Training & Development Trends for 2023, and Canva.


  • Voiceover Narration: The Key to a Successful Training Project: How to write narration for, find and work with voice actors, Training Magazine Online October 2023.

  • AI Voices vs. Voice Actors for Training: Pros and cons to consider for both when making a decision in today’s ever-changing landscape, Training Magazine Online November 2023. Reprinted with permission on IIL's website blog 2024.

  • E-LEARNING SCRIPT WRITING 101: How to write engaging scripts that will look and sound great!  TD Magazine (Association for Talent Development) December 2023.

  • How to Write Great Scripts that Learners will Enjoy and Remember, Training magazine online March 2024.

  • Tips for a Successful Voiceover Project, World Voices Organization 2024.


Style/Learn Origins with Alexander Salas. I was a guest, along with David Goldberg, CEO of Edge Studio in New York, to discuss the history of voiceover and its importance in e-learning. You can access it on my Blog page on this website or go directly to 


I will bring a wealth of experience to your project, injecting passion and maybe even a little fun into every voiceover. 

And last, but not least, I am Minnesota Nice: easy to work with, delivering work on time, friendly.

Give me a call at 612-227-5524 or drop me an email at kerri@uttervoiceovers.


My goal is always to leave you utterly delighted!

Proud member of:

Why Kerri

microphone pic.jpg


1. I bring many years of real-world experience to every read.


2. I am easy on the ears, with a rich, textured, seasoned voice.

3. You will get a professional voiceover that will bring your vision to life in an authoritative, engaging way.

4. You will spend less time worrying about your project being done right and on time.

5. Your listeners/viewers will be moved to get involved in the process and apply what they learn.

6. Your consumers will become better informed, more involved and buy.

7. I will not be satisfied until you are utterly delighted!



Shure KSM 44A Microphone

Scarlett 2i2 Interface

Sony headphones

Access to Source Connect

Audacity Editing Program 3.3.2

NVIDEA Broadcast (AI Noise Reduction)

RTX Voice

Final booth - insdie.jpg


  1. Q: How long will my project take to complete?
    A: Depending upon the length of the project, a quick turnaround time is the norm. Sometimes in less than 24 hours. I will work with your schedule.


  2. Q: What audio format will you use?
    A: Mp3 or WAV, at your request.


  3. Q: Can I make revisions?
    A: Within reason, of course you can make one or two revisions. If there is a major change in the script, a nominal fee will be charged. If I make a mistake, of course I will correct it until you are satisfied.


  4. Q: Can I use Source Connect?
    A: Yes

  5. Q: Can I do a directed recording session?
    A: Yes

  6. Q: Can you come to my studio?
    A: In Minneapolis or nearby areas, yes.

  7. Q: What are your rates?
    A: I use the GVAA Rate Card to determine rates on specific projects. They vary depending on the audience, length of use and other project characteristics. I am not a SAG/AFTRA member.

  8. Q: Are you easy to work with?
    A: I pride myself on being a good listener. I will bend over backwards to get you what you need. I am from Minnesota, after all, where Minnesota Nice is the norm.

  9. Q: How do I pay you?
    A: Mailing a check or paying through my PayPal account is fine: 

10. Q: What types of voiceovers do you do?

      A: Corporate training audios and videos, eLearning modules, explainer videos, compliance            training programs, local/regional/national commercials for TV/radio/web, real estate walk-                through videos, corporate videos, new product introductions, sales training. 

11. Q: What type of organizations do you serve?

      A: Advertising agencies, audio/video production companies, eLearning firms, media,                      multimedia companies, real estate agents, nonprofits, government, schools, recording                    studios, training companies, corporations and more.

12. Q: Who do you help?

      A: Audio/video producer, casting director, marketing manager, training and development                  specialist, e-learning manager, instructional designer, interactive media director, real estate            agents, creative director, freelance producer, videographer, director of video services, and 


13. Q: Do you also do copywriting for voiceovers?

      A: Yes. I have decades of experience writing marketing materials and ads.

The nicest things that people have ever said about me:

"Kerri, thanks - every session has gone well. Your voice is consistent, you're professional, and you always finish on-time. We appreciate it and look forward to more with you." David Goldberg, CEO (Chief Edge Officer), Edge Studio

"Kerri is a versatile talent and takes direction well. She has great range and a solid understanding of the business. Fun to work with and highly recommended!" Terry Daniel, Voiceover Coach, Demo Producer, Voice Actor, UVT Coaching

“She is a natural, gifted promoter.”  Dale Cowgill, Dean, School of Technology, Weber State University

“Normally night classes are torture, but I could listen to her all night.” Anonymous student evaluation.


“She put on the best schedule of grand opening events that Dayton’s has ever had.”  Public Relations Manager, Dayton’s.

“Special thanks are due to Professor Kerri Acheson, my one-time colleague at Medill, whose keen interest in the subject of marketing public relations provided the impetus for this book.”  Thomas L. Harris, author “The Marketer’s Guide to Public Relations” and owner of Golin/Harris Public Relations (McDonald’s, Campbell’s Soup, Keebler and more).


“She is easy on the ears.”  Workshop participant on evaluation form.

Recent Comments (2024):

     "Very fast and easy to work with! Highly recommend! Great work! She has become the voice of OrthoSleeve.

      Josh, OrthoSleeve

     "Kerri is a very easy person to communicate with and did an amazing job of delivering top notch audio quality to our

      specs. She is an easy choice for anyone looking for an older sounding female voiceover artist to make their project

     sparkle!   Kaelvb99

     "Super quick turn-around time for a great script. Kerri is also a professionally trained voice actor and has a PhD in 

      marketing. Those two attributes combined to provide exactly what I needed in my own e-learning script. Rbenesvo

    "Working with Kerri was a breeze. She responded promptly, understood exactly what I needed and produced it quickly.

     Kerri is a true professional. I will certainly hire Kerri for my next project. Loads of talent with multiple options.

     Tom Archibald, Archibald Studios

     "Kerri did a phenomenal job with my project! Nailed the character voice I was looking for and gave me more than

     enough to work with. She understood the prompt and character well. I highly recommend her for any work you might

     need!  Crocodaily Puppet Shows

faq cow.png

Remember to have some fun today. Do whatever moooooves you!

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